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Port test, it failed only on that one, indicating that the Port is open. Under protocol and application, it shows "blackjack - network blackjack."Anyway you can test this out by making a manual rule that will block this port in the Internet Settings > Smart Firewall > Advanced Settings > General Rules.

GRC | Port Authority, for Internet Port 1025 | network … Port Authority Database Port 1025. Name: blackjack.If you are reading this page because our port analysis has revealed that you have open ports lying between 1024 and 1030, it would certainly be in your best interests to configure your personal firewall to block incoming connection requests ( TCP... Fix Network Blackjack protocal port 1025? Почему порт 1025 просто внезапно открыт?Внимание: Исправление вручную Network Blackjack protocal port 1025? error only Рекомендуется только для опытных пользователей компьютеров.Загрузите инструмент автоматического ремонта вместо. Network Blackjack protocol ? - Network General: Sniffer -… Well.....Port 1025 and Blackjack. Serveral days ago I had no listening ports and I was surfing the netI downloaded active ports and it showed MSTask.exe opened 1025. The cute little "terminate1025 tcp blackjack network blackjack 1025 tcp FraggleRock [trojan] Fraggle Rock 1025 tcp listen... What is Network Blackjack?? | Wilders Security Forums

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at my system is also port 1025 open. superscan result: network blackjack-trojan port ... Both TCPView and netstat -ano shows up port 1025 TCP open. What is Network Blackjack on port 1025 TCP??? - SpeedGuide What is Network Blackjack on port 1025 TCP??? What service does it provide to windows 2000? Thanks for your input. Chimmy:) PS Micro$oft site had nothing on ... Tcp And Ip Blackjack - A hand in which breaking, or going ...

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Open Tcp Port 1025 Blackjack. open tcp port 1025 blackjack * ***** Available Formats [IMG] CSV [IMG] XML [IMG] HTML [IMG] Plain text Service Name Port Number Transport Description Assignee Contact Registration Modification Reference Service Unauthorized Assignment Notes Protocol Date Date Code Use Reported 0 tcp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 0 udp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] tcpmux ... Blackjack (TCP/1025)? - Security | DSLReports Forums Forum discussion: What exactly is network blackjack? I searched google and found it listed as a registered port assignment for TCP/1025, but no descriptions of what it is. Security Basics: Re: Port 1025 - Network Blackjack Port 1025 in Windows XP/2K is open by default. It is not network/blackjack even tho most port lists will tell you that it is. It is MSTask.exe that is listening on that port. ... , o> My WIN XP box has been scanned number of times this week from IP which on o> return scanning seems to have TCP Port 1025 (Network Blackjack) open. It o> also has ... Blackjack Port 1025 Udp -

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Hello osden, On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, at 20:58:49 [GMT +1000] (which was 11:58 in my TimeZone) you wrote: o> Hi everybody, o> My WIN XP box has been scanned number of times this week from IP which on o> return scanning seems to have TCP Port 1025 (Network Blackjack) open. TCP Port 1025 open? - Microsoft Windows - Neowin I ran a firewall test, and it warned me that TCP Port 1025 is open for whatever reason. I checked my firewall settings, I can't see why it would be open.

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US7877798B2 - System and method for connecting gaming devices The status of messages sent but not acknowledged is stored in a database as “open” using the database server 1025. When the remote player device 110 receives the message it sends an acknowledgment message back to the central gaming …