Youth gambling a public health perspective

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Awareness of the risks and harm associated with gambling problems in youth and the public at-large is lacking. There is a growing need to examine and respond to gambling problems in adolescents from a prevention and public health orientation.

(PDF) Youth gambling problems: A public health perspective PDF | Problem gambling has recently emerged as a significant public health issue. While most efforts target adult pathological gamblers, there is growing concern that adolescents and young adults Youth Gambling: A Public Health Perspective - Addiction Sep 14, 2005 · Discuss previous research findings regarding the prevalence of and problems associated with youth gambling. Explain models and framework for viewing youth gambling and the movement toward a public health perspective. Identify strategies for public health action and responsible social policy regarding gambling among youth. Youth gambling: A public health perspective | Messerlian Youth gambling: A public health perspective. Over the last decade research in the area of youth gambling has led to a better understanding of the risk factors, trajectories and problems associated with this behaviour. At the same time, governments have begun to recognize the importance of youth gambling and have offered to support research and

A treatment approach for adolescents with gambling problems. In: Derevensky JL, Gupta R, eds. Gambling Problems in Youth: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives.

All in! The commercial advertising of offshore gambling on television Gambling - Brain and Mind Centre For more ... From a public health viewpoint, the implications for the foundation ...... Youth and young men.

Prevailing public health initiatives addressing youth problem gambling are only beginning ... and address problem gambling from a population-based perspective. Gambling and the Public Health, Part 1 - NCRG

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Frontiers | Problem Gambling among Young People in Sub ... This article focuses on problem gambling among young people in SSA with an emphasis on three key themes: 1) gambling behaviour and patterns in SSA; 2) public health and socio-economic implications of gambling in SSA; and 3) public health policies and interventions for addressing this issue.